101 Things To Do Before You Graduate (Paperback)

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101 Things To Do Before You Graduate is a comprehensive of list of experiences to seek out during college to prepare students for the real world after college. The list is based on Patricia Hudak's (NYU '06) and Jullien Gordon's (UCLA '03 & Stanford '07) paths to maximize their education in the classroom and beyond so that they could create careers and lives they wanted afterward. Some items on The 101 Things List include: #5: Study Abroad#16: Lead An On-Campus Organization#25: Contact 3 Successful Alumni#43: Get Business Cards#66: Write A Business Plan#100: Do Something You'll Likely Get Rejected From Today, even a 4.0 isn't enough to guarantee our students lifelong success after college if their education isn't preparing them for the real world. The world has changed significantly over the last few years due to the internet and globalization and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate. How will students keep up when their vehicle for success--college education--is going too slow? The book is designed to be a quick read so that students can spend more time taking action and checking off their list than reading. For each item in the list, we explain why the action is important, how to get started, and then offer resources (i.e. websites, products, or services) that will help students complete the action. The book is organized into four key areas--academic, career, money, and success--so that students can focus their efforts on specific areas they would like to grow in.

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