Aviation Weather Handbook (2024): FAA-H-8083-28 (Paperback)

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This handbook consolidates the weather information from six FAA weather-related advisory circulars (AC) into one useful publication.

The following ACs will eventually be cancelled and replaced by this handbook:
  • AC 00-06, Aviation Weather
  • AC 00-24, Thunderstorms
  • AC 00-30, Clear Air Turbulence Avoidance
  • AC 00-45, Aviation Weather Services
  • AC 00-54, Pilot Windshear Guide
  • AC 00-57, Hazardous Mountain Winds

The FAA designed Aviation Weather Handbook as a technical reference for all who operate in the National Aerospace System (NAS). Pilots, dispatchers, and operators will find this handbook a valuable resource for flight planning and decision making. With a complete guide to the United States' aviation weather program, products, and services, it also documents weather theory and its application to aviation. The objective of this handbook is to help the pilot and operator understand the basics of weather, aviation weather hazards, and aviation weather products.

Beginners and advanced pilots alike will find the Aviation Weather Handbook to be a critical resource for all aviation weather subjects.

About the Author

The Federal Aviation Administration is the national aviation authority of the United States. It regulates and oversees the aviation industry, pilot licensing, and airspace with the goal of providing “the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.”

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ISBN: 9781510780194
ISBN-10: 151078019X
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: February 20th, 2024
Pages: 544
Language: English