Social Seduction (Hardcover)

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The stories in this book are about ordinary everyday human beings as we are each challenged and often socially seduced biologically, psycho-socially, spiritually, and economically as biopsychosocial and spiritual beings. These are also riveting true stories of the biopsychosocial and spiritual being who demonstrates the courage to stand strong during challenges of social seduction not just for oneself, but also for others. Many of us muster up the courage to do the things that are right according to our spiritual faith which for me includes my Christian ethics meaning even when we do not necessarily feel like doing them. We find the courage to not do the things we're being hedonistically enticed or seduced into doing when we know it's not morally right, or against our practicing spiritual ethics which clearly tells us not to do them. While many biopsychosocial and spiritual beings pray, some chant, others meditate, study/tarry, etc. Often this is based upon our individually unique beliefs and practices we are allowed here in America. My Christian Ethics however are rooted in the Science of Biblical Hermeneutics which truly empowers me with full armor and the sword of the spirit that sustains and keeps me steady allowing me to maintain my inner peace in the midst of storms including the ones shared in this book.

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