The Princess and the Rogue in The Spell of the Sorceress (Paperback)

The Princess and the Rogue in The Spell of the Sorceress By Richard J. Johnson Cover Image
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The second book is a continuation of book one. In essence, it chronicles the adventures of Li (the princess) and Aramis (a young Greek rogue) as they continue their travels together. Li now has the magical tears of Hathor that she wishes to take back to China to reverse the curse that has been placed on the kingdom and her father. In this book, the two meet a magi and his tribe, who have also been looking for the tears. They make friends with them and help them use some of the tears to rescue a pharaoh who has been trapped in a cursed pyramid. They then plan to go back to China, but their trip back takes them to a Greek island where Aramis meets an old friend who wants him to join him in fighting the Ottomans who have been sweeping through the lands. Li feels he should stay to fight with his countrymen and leaves on her own for China. Aramis tries to follow her but is captured by the Ottomans and imprisoned in Aku. Meanwhile, Li returns to China and saves her father, but she becomes heartbroken as she misses Aramis. Zheng, the young prince who takes over for the emperor when he dies, falls in love with Li, but Li does not want to marry him. What then occurs is a series of adventures in which Li becomes entrapped and Aramis escapes from his prison and finds a way to China, where he rescues Li.

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ISBN: 9781524568313
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Publication Date: January 26th, 2017
Pages: 176
Language: English