Blood Shall Run: An FBI/Romance Thriller Book 15 (Paperback)

Blood Shall Run: An FBI/Romance Thriller Book 15 By Morgan Kelley Cover Image
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Book 15 WARNING: This book contains adult content, violence, language, and sexy Natives behaving badly, (m/f/m sex scenes). The oddest things happen in New Orleans when the sun goes down. It's not all partying and flashing for beads. This case is going to be proof of it. Elizabeth Blackhawk has left FBI West with a new career in front of her. She's opted to work in the field and leave the directing to fall on those who can stomach it. With Ethan's promotion to Deputy Director, she has even more on her plate-wife, mother, partner, and full time seeker of justice. Coming back home means that she's going to be heading up the violent crimes team out of Quantico, and if this case is any indication, it's going to be one hell of a ride. But she's ready. Maybe... Handpicked, already trained, and itching to hit the ground running, her team is prepared for their first big case. With her partner, Callen Whitefox, at her side and Christopher Leonard back, nothing can stop her. Right? But is Chris over the trauma that has forever changed his life? Is he holding it together, ready to break at any moment? Can she count on him when she needs him most? Only time, and this case, will tell. Heading to The French Quarter sounds like fun, until the team is stuck in the middle of a madman's killing spree. Blood, Voodoo, hexes, and more have the team struggling to stay on their toes against someone who must kill to live. It's his will to survive versus their will to save the innocent, and it's going to be a bloody battle to the end. It's a grudge match that's bound to get down and dirty in The Big Easy. It's a life for a life in the race against the clock to save not only the victims of his crimes, but also the team. Will their run be over just as it's beginning? Can Elizabeth Blackhawk hold up under the weight of all the responsibility as she matches wits with someone so sick, twisted, and sadistic that it might be her own end? Will coming home be the death of her as Blood Shall Run?

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Publication Date: June 6th, 2016
Pages: 626
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