Harry's Guide to the AFCT Vocabulary Test: A Practical Study Text for U.S. Armed Forces Personnel (Paperback)

Harry's Guide to the AFCT Vocabulary Test: A Practical Study Text for U.S. Armed Forces Personnel By Harry Austin Holden Cover Image
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Careers in the mililtary are often dependent on ASVAB or AFCT test scores. Prospective service members take their initial entry test, but their test score may not be high enough for re-enlisting in certain military occupational specialties. The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Card allow their service members to retake the Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT) to improve their General Technical (GT) score. If the member improves his/her GT score, doors are open that might not otherwise be available. This unique text is designed to help active duty military members prepare for the vocabulary portion of the test. It is based on input from test preparation instructors and members of the military. Studying vocabulary words in context is highly beneficial to learning to use those words in every day life and to being able to identify their sysnonyms on an exam. In this text, each of the major 150 vocabulary words is connected to multiple synonyms, building vocabulary to over 750 words. Simple memorization of a list of words is ineffective. For that reason, users of this text will identify the meaning of vocabulary in sentences. They will match synonyms to words, practice placing words in sentences, and practice by completing a variety of exercises. Practice tests are found at the end of each unit and 5 comprehensive self-tests are found at the end of the final unit. This book may be used as a self-study guide or may be used to supplement preparation classes. Answers are included so that the user can readily check progress and determine where to focus his/her vocabulary development. The text works best if readers go in order, but it is also possibly to jump from page to page to review what has been studied, and more importantly, learned Users will enjoy the format of the book. The author has address several learning modes to vary the learner's experience. The text is well organized and designed for the person who wants to excel on this important part of the AFCT.

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