The Greatest Baseball Players of All Time (Library Binding)

The Greatest Baseball Players of All Time By Michael Rajczak Cover Image


What makes a baseball player one of the greatest of all time? Some say a player should be a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Others think it has something to do with home runs or strikeouts. Nearly 20,000 people have played Major League Baseball since the first official game in 1871. In this fan-pleasing volume, readers discover amazing facts about great hitters like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. Was old-timer Horus Wagner or recently retired Derek Jeter the best shortstop? Readers will decide. Position by position, this fascinating book, replete with action-packed photographs, highlights the best of the best.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781538247730
ISBN-10: 1538247739
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Publication Date: December 30th, 2019
Pages: 32
Language: English