American Brujeria: Modern Mexican American Folk Magic (Paperback)

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A practical, hands-on guide to Mexican-American folk magic.
American Brujeria is about the fascinating blend of American and Mexican folk magic currently practiced by those living in the US but whose roots are steeped in Mexican culture. The author, who has named this tradition “American brujeria,” explores this magical system, while also offering practical advice on using it. American brujeria is a living, vital tradition that -- while it shares things in common with other folk magic traditions, such as American Conjure—also features its own unique traditions, as well as familiar ones, such as the veneration of saints, both canonized, such as Guadalupe, and folk saints like Santa Muerte.
American Brujeria includes stories from Mexico (folk saints, the story of Guadalupe), the influence of Catholicism, the art of limpias (spiritual cleansings), spell casting, oil crafting, praying the rosary (in English and Spanish), making an altar to Guadalupe, using novena candle magic, crafting protective charms from saints’ medals, and more.

About the Author

J. Allen Cross is a practicing witch of Mexican, Native American, and European descent whose craft was shaped by his Catholic upbringing and mixed family culture. Living in his home state of Oregon, he works as a psychic medium and occult specialist for a well-known paranormal investigation team out of the Portland metro area. When he’s not investigating, he enjoys providing spells and potions to his local community, exploring haunted and abandoned places, working as a consultant for other workers and investigators, and of course writing about witchcraft. Follow him on Instagram at @oregon_wood_witch.

Praise For…

"J. Allen Cross has done an extraordinary job at providing us with a book filled with rich invaluable information about our culture and magical traditions. He has done a superb job at sharing this information with genuine heartfelt authenticity, love, and respect, which makes it an absolutely delightful read! Gracias!” 
— Erika Buenaflor, M.A., J.D., author of Cleansing Rites of Curanderismo

“J Allen Cross opens a box of secrets and spells, deeply linked to the culture, myth, history, and blood of his ancestors. American Brujeria explores folklore as well as history, and guides readers through spells and rituals. Learn how to do a “limpia” in the morning, afternoon, night, or anytime you are drinking your cafe con leche.”
— Elhoim Leafar, author of The Magical Art of Crafting Charm Bags and Manifestation Magic

“A landmark book that blends the living traditions of folk magic, culture, and modern spiritual belief, American Brujeria is cross-cultural and deeply impactful. J. Allen Cross has made sure that this work will be accessible to not only this generation but future generations, as well.  The magic is potent, raw, and real. Each page had me more excited and energized than the last.” 
— Temperance Alden, author of Year of the Witch

“In American Brujeria, J. Allan Cross finds a way to explore the heritage and practices of Mexican folk and spiritual traditions by building on their foundations and making them approachable to American (and beyond) audiences, searching for the magia (magic) and wisdom of their own culture. We need more authors of color like Cross to illuminate these rich and time-honored practices.” 
— Alexis A. Arredondo and Eric J. Labrado of City Alchemist, authors of Magia Magia: Invoking Mexican Magic

“A treasured volume packed full of magic and deeply steeped in the history and lore of J. Allen Cross’s rich culture, American Brujeria is packed full of folk stories, saints, and spirits alongside prayers, spells, baths, floor washes, and cleansings. A much needed and long-awaited guide that is sure to be a foundation for young witches while still providing deep knowledge and practices for advanced practitioners, Cross’s dedication to his path and culture comes across beautifully in this book, which is sure to be an instant classic.” 
— Annwyn Avalon, author of Water Witchcraft and The Way of the Water Priestess

“A much-needed book, American Brujeria serves a community -- Mexican Americans -- who find themselves trying to find spaces where they fit.  It combines aspects of Mexican Brujeria with various American magical influences, including even Puerto Rican Espiritismo.  It’s a great place to start if you find yourself in this twilight space and need to know where to begin.  American Brujeria offers a great foundation. as well as various practices which a reader can engage in to begin this wonderful journey.  Beautifully written and something any reader is sure to enjoy.” 
— Hector Salva, author of The 21 Divisions: Mysteries and Magic of Dominican Voodoo

“J. Allen Cross, your book is pure magick, and could only have been written by you. I am grateful that you’re spreading the knowledge of the magickal part of our ancient culture with respect, honor, and love and also for reminding us – the people ‘in between’-- of the strength, charm, power, and pride that is our ancestors’ legacy. When I read your book, it produced in me a limpia of my soul and reinforced my spirit with passion and courage to keep on spreading our Brujeria. You did a remarkable job researching our ancestral magick. This is a must-have book in the personal library of every serious student of magick.” 
— Martha Ileana Moran Gonzalez. founder and director of Witchmart, High Priestess, and proud Bruja

“Bravo for American Brujeria by J. Allen Cross. This book is a folkloric gem, a magical treasure-trove, and a wisdom-window into some of the time-honored practices of Mexican Brujeria, and his own Mexican American Brujeria. Cross is a beacon of cultural competence and respect in this well-written, sincere, insightful, and practical book. It offers historical context, cultural education, applicable and relevant recipes, potent magical and healing workings, and culturally unique lore.  To all this, he adds a unique gem indeed - sound ethical advice for interested potential practitioners who are not of Mexican descent on how to honor and respect the tradition, its culture, and the ancestors.” 
— Orion Foxwood, author of Mountain Conjure and Southern Rootwork

American Brujeria de-mystifies Mexican-American folk magic and makes it accessible to anyone wanting to get in touch with their magical heritage, as well as those interested in this beautiful magico-religious practice. J. Allen Cross' wonderfully rich book explores the history and bridges the generational and cultural gap between Mexicans and their Mexican-American descendants. American Brujeria serves as a comprehensive guide for beginners, as well as  seasoned practitioners wanting to reconnect to their roots. An excellent tribute to this powerful tradition.”  
— Mary-Grace Fahrun, author of Italian Folk Magic: Rue's Kitchen Witchery

 "American Brujeria offers a good look into a culture that I feel many folks outside of that culture don’t understand. I especially love the part about the only person the devil fears is a grandmother--  it makes me think of my mother-in-law who blessed us every night before we went to sleep at her house. American Brujeria opens the door for outsiders to look in and to be able to feel the power of Mexican American culture through the works provided here. This is a great book that will help many” 
— Starr Casas, author of Old Style Conjure

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