African American Magick: A Modern Grimoire for the Natural Home (Four Seasons of Rituals, Recipes, Hoodoo & Herbs) (Paperback)

African American Magick: A Modern Grimoire for the Natural Home (Four Seasons of Rituals, Recipes, Hoodoo & Herbs) By Stephanie Rose Bird Cover Image
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An inspired herbal guide to natural living with ancient techniques, remedies, and rituals from around the world centered on the rhythms of the seasons.
The changing of the seasons is magickal—green leaves transforming into browns and golds, snow melting to show fresh buds. We all recognize these telltale signs, but few of us are aware of the powerful impact each season has on our spiritual lives. Whether sunny, snowy, windy, rainy, cold, or humid, the weather has a dramatic effect on our being wherever we may live.
The author, Stephanie Rose Bird, is deeply committed to keeping alive the spiritual wisdom of her indigenous African ancestors. In African American Magick, she examines the magickal ability of the seasons to enhance our lives by unearthing ancient techniques, rituals, and methods from around the world that reflect each season’s inherent energies to supplement body, mind, and soul.
Drawing upon her own ancestral heritage, as well as other cultures and those that have influenced her, Bird offers a lifetime of wisdom and expert botanical knowledge while sharing her path to a holistic and magickal life. Guidance from all over the world, and from classical and modern traditions alike, are offered:
  • Spiritual insights from Caribbean African American culture
  • Wisdom from indigenous Native American traditions
  • Buddhist and Hindu meditation practices and rites
  • Practices of classical European spiritual traditions
  • Lessons from Aboriginal Australian “dreaming” practices

African American Magick was previously published in 2006 under the title Four Seasons of Mojo. This new edition includes a new preface by the author.


About the Author

Stephanie Rose Bird is a painter and the author of several bestselling books on earth spirituality, Hoodoo, and anthropology, including Sticks, Stones, Roots, and Bones; 365 Days of Hoodoo; and Light, Bright, and Damned Near White. Bird, who holds a BFA cum laude and an MFA, is a devotee of the Divinely Feminine. She is an Elder, Priestess, magick-maker and keeper of the spiritual wisdom of her indigenous African ancestors. Her work centers on the nexus of earth wisdom and the legacy of Black cultural heritage. Find her at www.stephanierosebird.com and follow her on Instagram @s.r.bird.

Praise For…

African American Magick by Stephanie Rose Bird anoints us with seasonal rites, encouraging people of color to honor their magick with open arms and a purposeful soul. As each chapter unfolds, Black magick becomes a blessed offering, a tapestry of traditional practices both native and foreign, a harmonizing truth within this spiritual ecosystem we call America. Stephanie’s words shout, we are here with our Gods and Goddesses, our juju and lwas. We are here conjuring a stew of delicious folklore forever etched within our DNA. May you, as have I, devour each and every word to the bone.” —Mawiyah Kai EL-Jamah Bomani, author of Conjuring the Calabash: Empowering Women with Hoodoo Spells and Magick

“As a Priestess of Shango and Osain, it is very refreshing to see an “Osayin Tea Party” woven into the landscape of this powerhouse African medley. Stephanie Rose Bird has blessed me and the entire world with this beautifully orchestrated grimoire that reflects the African American experience in her rarest and most treasured forms. This collection reads like a sweet lullaby to my soul. Thank you, Sacred Sister, for keeping our greatness alive!” —Iya Angelique “Sobande” Greer, master herbalist, holistic nutritionist, visionary founder of Sacred Waters Retreat and the NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health

“Stephanie Rose Bird’s inclusion of various paths and traditions with indigenous roots makes African American Magick a much needed and educational book. Living in Michigan, I tend to do certain rituals, rites, and practices with the seasons, and Bird provides seasonal workings. African American Magick is a must-have addition to your spiritual practice and book collection.” —Yvette Wyatt, owner of The MotownWitch

“Stephanie Rose Bird’s mastery as an herbalist and skilled magickal practitioner shines through the pages of African American Magick. Brimming with recipes, rites, and herbal remedies, as well as a comprehensive appendix that highlight her personal African American experiences, this book is an encyclopedia of spiritual guidance. It is a grimoire to return to again and again, as one navigates the wheel of life seeking practical, magickal ways to help heal and uplift mind, body, and soul.” —Najah Lightfoot, author of Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul and Powerful Juju: Goddesses, Music & Magic for Comfort, Guidance & Protection

African American Magick brings us into the present, acknowledging the impacts of global health traumas on our communities and the increased shift in our focus to how we care for ourselves, our families, and our homes. African American Magick is a grimoire that invites each reader to build on it, creating their own unique collection of recorded histories and practices for use now and as a ‘gift from the ancestors’ for future generations.” —Rhonda Alin, founder of Black Women of Magick & Conjure and founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot

“The brilliant Stephanie Rose Bird does it again! ‘It’ being uplifting the spiritual ingenuity of indigenous African spiritual practices. Bird lets us into her personal grimoires, giving us a look at the years of magic and experience she wields and possesses. She offers us a piece of her asè as she strengthens ours.” —Empress Karen M. Rose, author of The Art and Practice of Spiritual Herbalism

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