Absolute Space, Absolute Time, & Absolute Motion (Hardcover)

Absolute Space, Absolute Time, & Absolute Motion By Peter F. Erickson Cover Image
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Absolute Space, Absolute Time, and Absolute Motion exist. These are shown to be facts through an investigation of the nature of infinitesimals. Knowledge of that nature also makes the irrational magnitudes within the unit comprehensible. The number line is shown to be cognitively superior to set theory; furthermore, non-Euclidean geometry is shown to be a mere manipulation of symbols and not an expression of a "parallel universe." Inside, the reader will also learn about a hitherto unknown number system locked within _-1. He will also discover in the infinitesimal calculus a hidden key to a level of reality beneath that of nano-technology.. The foundation of science is not some vague generality, but the exercise of reason as originating from the human sensorium. There is no difference between mathematical and ordinary inductive reasoning.

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ISBN: 9781599261188
ISBN-10: 1599261189
Publisher: Xlibris
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2008
Pages: 268
Language: English