Phaedrus (Hardcover)

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By Plato
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Phaedrus is one of Plato's best-loved dialogues, remarkable as a work of both philosophy and poetry. Lured into the countryside by the promise of a new speech, Socrates sits in the shade and talks with Phaedrus, a young amateur rhetorician. After Phaedrus recites a speech on love, Socrates delivers two speeches of his own, contrasting the baneful love induced by human folly with love as the divinely inspired blessing of holy madness. Interwoven is a discussion on rhetoric and its relation to truth. Full of charm and gentle irony, Phaedrus is an engaging celebration of love as the path to wisdom.

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ISBN: 9781605125114
ISBN-10: 1605125113
Publisher: Akasha Classics
Publication Date: November 12th, 2009
Pages: 118
Language: English