I Wish I Knew It Before Going to College (Paperback)

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Are you going to college soon? Do you really know what you are getting yourself into? College isn't just going to class and partying-well maybe for some-but in reality it's way more than that.

Want to be successful? Make a name for yourself? Create a new image?

How do you plan on doing that?

I Wish I Knew It Before Going To College teaches you how to take advantage of the amazing opportunities to succeed and also informs you of all the unfortunate and easy opportunities to fail. I Wish I Knew It Before Going To College is a compilation of excerpts, one liners, and stories from hundreds of college students' answers to what they wish they had known before heading to college-about professors, roommates, parties, and dating to the bathroom, dorm room, and everything else you can't even imagine

I Wish I Knew It (TM) is about sharing stories and learning from others to get a heads-up on what is really to come. I Wish I Knew It(TM) books will make you happy, sad, nervous, at ease, and everything in between. Share your real experiences with us and we'll begin to teach just what life is all about.

About the Author

Gabbriel Simone is a College Admissions Counselor. She has received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Quinnipiac University where she is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. As an Admissions Counselor, Gabbriel meets with high school juniors and seniors daily and has quickly learned that many of the candidates have little to no idea what lies ahead in their college experience. Gabbriel additionally runs a program through her office to prepare middle and high school students for college. The majority of those program participants are minority students from low income neighborhoods.

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ISBN: 9781614480877
ISBN-10: 1614480877
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication Date: March 1st, 2012
Pages: 156
Language: English