Paranoid: Exploring Suspicion from the Dubious to the Delusional (Paperback)

Paranoid: Exploring Suspicion from the Dubious to the Delusional By David J. LaPorte, William T. Carpenter (Foreword by) Cover Image
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From the pathological killer who gunned down the innocents at Virginia Tech to the average citizen who suspects the government is monitoring phone calls, the signs of suspiciousness and paranoia are all around us. In this comprehensive overview of an increasingly serious problem, an experienced psychologist and researcher describes what paranoia is, how and why it manifests itself, and the many forms it takes, including stalking, pathological jealousy, as a reaction to post-traumatic stress disorder, and perhaps even militia movements. 

Using striking vignettes from the present and the past, each chapter illustrates specific manifestations of paranoia while also describing in layperson’s terms the clinical analysis of the condition. Among the topics discussed are the evolutionary origins of our “suspiciousness system” and factors that can trigger it today, the connection between illicit drug usage and paranoid behavior, PTSD, violent expressions of paranoia, and options for treating various kinds of paranoia.

The author emphasizes that life in post-9/11 America is a fertile environment for paranoia; in an era of computer hackers, omnipresent security cameras, NSA surveillance, and terrorism, “normal” people have good reasons to be suspicious as their sense of security and privacy is undermined. But in such an insecure atmosphere, everyday suspicion can easily be ratcheted up, resulting in paranoia and occasionally violent outbursts. He warns of a possible epidemic of paranoia and suggests public health measures that could be used to counteract this potentially dangerous trend.

Whether you consider yourself susceptible to paranoia or know others who might be, this enlightening book will help you understand the many factors that can distort your mental outlook.

About the Author

David J. LaPorte, PhD, is a professor of psychology and director of clinical training in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is the author or coauthor of seven book chapters and more than twenty professional articles, has testified in court as an expert witness on many occasions, and has done dozens of media interviews on syndicated radio. His research has been the subject of articles appearing in major magazines including Glamour, Jump, and Allure as well as Today.com.

Praise For…

“Fascinating and ground-breaking. . . . The extremely well-researched, well-organized, and well-written Paranoid is worthy of a platform for a broader, more meaningful discussion of the causes and consequences of paranoia.”

Foreword Reviews

“A lively good read. It ranges from the suspicious feelings we all experience to the paranoid symptoms associated with street drugs and dementia to the severe forms of paranoid schizophrenia, which often culminate in tragedy. The author illustrates his points with numerous vignettes, which are entertaining as well as edifying. You never know when paranoia will show its face.”

—E. Fuller Torrey, MD, author of American Psychosis: How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System

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