Trial at the Ridge (Paperback)

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Just as he mounted, there came a breath of wind. It was not much, but it was enough. ­ The nearby tree suddenly dumped the snow from its branches, sending up a cloud of powdery white.­ The chilling load plopped onto the back of Ben, who stood beneath. With a startled yelp, the red-and-white patched border collie shot forward, directly underneath Snowstorm.

Chaos ensued. Whinnying shrilly, Snowstorm lurched backward. Instinctively, Josephine dodged sideways right to the ridge's edge to avoid a collision, and one of her groping hooves found nothing but thin air behind. Slipping on the wet rocks, the mare lunged forward. She succeeded in regaining her footing, but not before the sudden, jolting movements dislodged Father's one-handed grip on her mane. Clawing desperately for a handhold, Father tumbled from Josephine's back and disappeared over the edge of the ridge.

Following five peaceful years, foreclosure threatens the Whitlock family's farm. After Father's accident, Nathanael and William take upon themselves the responsibility of coming up with a solution. Their ideas, however, are continually thwarted by an unseen opponent, and a ferocious predator threatens the farm throughout the duration of the thirty-day trial.

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ISBN: 9781635756791
ISBN-10: 1635756790
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: April 11th, 2017
Pages: 192
Language: English