The Edge of the Continent: The City (Hardcover)

The Edge of the Continent: The City By Jacqueline Suskin Cover Image
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This book is about California. Specifically, this second volume is about Southern California, the heavily populated part of the state, the sprawling metropolis, and the thirsty land that supports so many people. Jacqueline Suskin moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and still calls the city home. This book explores her transition into city life after leaving the majesty of Northern California forests and the fulfillment of communal off-the-grid living. In this collection, we move through the struggle of finding beauty, purpose, and joy in urbanity, and in doing so discover the infinite inspiration that exists in a place as unique as Los Angeles.

About the Author

Jacqueline Suskin is the author of The Collected, a book of narrative poems paired with found photographs, and Go Ahead & Like It, a self-help book that explores the healing power and artistry of positive list making. Known for her multidisciplinary work with a project she calls Poem Store, Suskin composes improvisational poetry for patrons who choose both a topic and a price in exchange for a unique verse. She regularly brings poetry into classrooms around the country and was honored by Michelle Obama at the White House as a Turnaround Artist. The Edge of the Continent is a trilogy of poetry about the state of California, the first volume came out in 2018. Suskin is based in Los Angeles, but considers the entire state of California her home.

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ISBN: 9781644280492
ISBN-10: 1644280493
Publisher: Rare Bird Books
Publication Date: June 11th, 2019
Pages: 94
Language: English