Gemini: Book Three in the Zodiac Dozen Series (Paperback)

Gemini: Book Three in the Zodiac Dozen Series By Oliver Bestul Cover Image
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Jeromy has lost a lot in the span of a single night. He's lost track of his family, lost track of his friends, and now he's lost the entirety of the neighborhood they live in. The culprit? An army of evil Moon-men, spreading chaos through the streets of Bay View with an odd alien affliction. Their aim? To find and steal the Orb of the Zodiac.

So long as he can keep from getting captured by them, Jeromy won't join the hordes of zombie-like citizens these beasts have already attacked. Unfortunately for him, this could prove easier said than done. With literal thousands of invaders in the streets all around him, he'll need his wits, his resourcefulness, and his ability to split into twins if he's to have even the slightest chance at staying human

But what does it matter if a bunch of aliens take a small, strange Orb back up to space with them? Why should Jeromy risk his life - or, at least, his human eyes - to prevent them? Well, as the nightmare stretches into weeks, Jeromy will come to face the stakes of the situation. These mud-made Moon-men don't only pose a threat to him, or the Zodiac Dozen, or even all of Wisconsin. No - if Jeromy can't overcome them, it could indeed mean the loss of his entire planet.

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ISBN: 9781645384182
ISBN-10: 1645384187
Publisher: Orange Hat Publishing
Publication Date: May 21st, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English