When God Changed His Mind (Paperback)

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"Isaiah. Isaiah Get up, son Isaiah You have to get up Get off the floor I can't stop "

I reached one hand behind me and shook him the best I could while driving. My heart pounded, and my body trembled. What could be so wrong that he can't control his body?

Things go downhill quickly after Christina Custodio picks up her thirteen-year-old son early from football practice due to a headache. By the time she arrives, he has little control of his body and quickly becomes unresponsive. Soon, he is rushed into surgery, his brain filled with blood from a severe brain hemorrhage.

From the time he was born, Christina had always felt Isaiah would die young. Though a typical boy with no health issues, the thought always lingered. Now Christina begs God to change His mind and save her son's life.

When God Changed His Mind chronicles Christina's inspiring and emotional story of trusting God through the unknown, peace among the chaos, and joy in the midst of sorrow. Grateful that Isaiah survives but unsure he will ever recover his speech and mobility, Christina shares of her dependence on God during the ups and downs of their journey, the power of prayer, and her determination to use challenges and struggles for His glory.

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ISBN: 9781646453313
ISBN-10: 164645331X
Publisher: Redemption Press
Publication Date: January 25th, 2022
Pages: 252
Language: English