Malimar-The Final Challenge: a Brody o'Shea Book: Book 3 (Paperback)

Malimar-The Final Challenge: a Brody o'Shea Book: Book 3 By Jared McVay Cover Image
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Black, storm clouds suddenly filled the sky. The wind was so strong the people had to brace themselves? Suddenly Malimar's menacing face appeared in the clouds. It was a huge; his eyes blazing ruby red and fire was shooting from his mouth like a dragon. And when he spoke, it sounded like it was coming from deep in the bowels of the earth. "Brody O'Shea I know you are somewhere within the sound of my voice Hear me, Whelp, I have come for you, boy You slipped through my fingers once, but no more Come and face me if you dare I'm waiting. If you don't want to see your city and its people destroyed, you will not delay " "I'm coming " I yelled, as I leaped onto my horse and raced toward the wharf, leaving the stunned and confused people behind.

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ISBN: 9781647380335
ISBN-10: 1647380332
Publisher: Creative Texts Publishers, LLC
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2021
Pages: 220
Language: English