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The true story of the explorer and scholar after who the entire continent of "America" is named. This remarkable work starts with the early life of the Italian-born explorer and then quickly moves on to the details of his fabulous voyages on behalf of Spain and Portugal from 1499 to 1502.

Drawing heavily upon the explorer's own writing and other original sources, the full story of this remarkable-yet surprisingly little-known-Pilot Major of Spain is told in an intriguing and exciting fashion. Read here of the controversy surrounding Vespucci's first voyage, his remarkably accurate maps, and the many discoveries he made that later caused scholars to name the entire new world after him as a mark of honor.


I: Young Amerigo And His Family 1451-1470

II: Amerigo's Friends and Teachers 1470-1482

III: Vespucci's Favorite Authors 1485-1490

IV: In the Service of Spain 1490

V: Conversations with Columbus 1492 Or 1493

VI: Vespucci's Debatable Voyage 1497-1498

VII: Vespucci's "Second" Voyage 1499-1500

VIII: With Ojeda the Fighter 1499

IX: Cannibals, Giants, And Pearls 1499-1500

X: Famous Fellow-Voyagers 1497-1500

XI: On the Coast of Brazil 1501-1502

XII: The "Fourth Part of The Earth" XIII

XIII: The Fourth Great Voyage 1503-1504

XIV: King Ferdinand's Friend 1505-1508

XV: Pilot-Major of Spain 1508-1512

XVI: How America Was Named 1504-1541

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