Red White & Blind: The Truth about Disinformation and the Path to Media Consciousness (Paperback)

Red White & Blind: The Truth about Disinformation and the Path to Media Consciousness By Tony Brasunas, Ashley Rindsberg (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Tony Brasunas, Ashley Rindsberg (Foreword by)
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Why were the sordid deeds of Jeffery Epstein concealed for two decades?
Why was inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus suppressed? Why are
social media sites censoring scientists and doctors?

Through dozens of utterly absorbing exposés, Red, White & Blind reveals
the corporate media's deliberate lies, tendentious censorship, and ironic
use of the term disinformation. This deceit has driven faith in corporate
news to all-time lows, but it has also birthed an independent media
revolution—a New Enlightenment—enabling Americans to see through
the walls of "confirmation bias" and perceive the world more directly and
accurately than ever before.

Join the journey and learn:
• How the Father of Propaganda convinced Americans to love bananas,
World War I, and the color green.
• Why the notion of "objective, professional journalism" was invented in
the early 1900s.
• How the CIA placed agents in the media and why they likely still do.
• How to understand family and friends with any set of political views.
• Why today's social media censorship violates the First Amendment.
• Why "fact-checking" websites almost always fail.

About the Author

Tony Brasunas was censored for covering the 2016 Democratic primary from a perspective too friendly to Bernie Sanders. A nonpartisan freelance journalist, his writings have been published in both corporate and independent media. Red, White & Blind is his second book. He lives in Sebastopol, California, with his wife, son, and two dozen apple trees.Ashley Rindsberg, a novelist, essayist, and freelance journalist, is the author of The Gray Lady Winked, an expose of misreporting, distortion, and fabrication in The New York Times. Born in South Africa, Rindsberg was raised in the US and studied philosophy at Cornell University. He lives in central Israel.

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