Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris in the White House (Hardcover)

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The ultimate, comprehensive investigation into the life and career of Vice President Kamala Harris from former Washington Examiner and Breitbart News political reporter Charlie Spiering.

Who is the real Kamala Harris? And how did she ascend to the second highest office in the country? Despite her limited experience in national politics and confusing professional history, there hasn’t been a comprehensive examination of Vice President Kamala Harris’s journey to the White House...until now. Find out how the San Francisco socialite turned politico fast-tracked her way onto the national stage, only to lose the faith of her base and her president.

With exclusive reporting and a detective’s eye, Charlie Spiering delivers the first-ever deep dive into Kamala Harris’s hilarious, incompetent, radical path to the vice presidency. From her tumultuous tenure as California prosecutor to the fiery interrogator in the United States Senate, then to her disastrous presidential campaign and finally, her calamitous first years in executive office, this is an unfettered look at the woman who is only one heartbeat away from leading the free world.

About the Author

Charlie Spiering began his career as a political journalist fifteen years ago as a reporter for Washington Post columnist Robert D. Novak. He was a political writer for the Washington Examiner before moving to Breitbart News as a White House correspondent covering the Obama Administration, the Trump Administration, and the Biden Administration. He lives in Virginia with his wife and six children.

Praise For…

"A deeply reported account."  
— Peter Schweizer, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Clinton Cash and Profiles in Corruption 

“In a functioning meritocracy, Kamala Harris would be a C-list massage therapist working out of a strip mall. Yet somehow she became our vice president. How’d that happen? Charlie Spiering has the answer.”  
— Tucker Carlson, Host of Tucker on X

"The ascendency of Kamala Harris to the vice presidency is a tragic tale of power, scandal, and incompetence. Charlie Spiering fearlessly reveals the real Kamala Harris in a carefully researched book that is both shocking and hilarious.” 
— Mollie Hemingway, editor in chief of The Federalist 

“With skillful storytelling, Charlie Spiering shows us how a San Francisco gadfly cackled all the to the White House."
— Charles Hurt, opinion editor, The Washington Times 

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ISBN: 9781668046074
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Publication Date: January 23rd, 2024
Pages: 272
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