Ball Lightning Physics (Paperback)

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It is generally recognized that the Ball Lightning (BL) is a shame of modern theoretical and experimental physics. At present above 2000 publications are known, above 200 various theories are suggested. But nobody can explain even approximately the intriguing and puzzling behavior of BLs. As is market in last book of BL, all theories have one thing in common - none work. The explanation of the BL phenomenon is deadlocked. There is an opinion that the contemporary knowledge about Nature is insufficient to explain the BL. We are trying to show that the knowledge is sufficient but its usage leaves much to be desired. BL problem is an example when a common sense overcomes the conclusion derived from generally accepted physical laws in spite of the fact that the conclusion is confirmed by the phenomenon observed by thousands of eyewitnesses. In 2002 we put forward the hypothesis that neither plasma nor other material particles form BL. In is immutable fact that BL radiates the light. We concluded that BL consists of the light only. But it is known that the light is an electromagnetic wave that propagates in a straight line in a homogeneous optical medium at very great speed. We assumed that the light can propagate along curve closed trajectories that are embedded in a sphere of several centimeters radius. But what is the reason that forces the light to propagate in such a way. Our answer - the reason is the light itself. The light can be self-confined. Seemingly, this is an oxymoron like dry water or hot ice. But the contemporary knowledge allows an existence of the self-confined light. This is an optical space soliton that can be considered as the light that is self-confined in one direction. Once the light can be self-confined in one direction, it can be self-confined in other two directions also. Thus, the contemporary theoretical knowledge does not prevent an existence of the light confined by a limited volume. As a result, BL obeys to laws of optics rather than laws of mechanics. That is why BL behavior differs radically from that of the conventional material objects consisting of molecules, electrons, ions, clusters, nano-particles and so on. We have published about ten papers in International scientific physical journals where we have shown that the behavior of the self-confined light determined by known laws of optics and physics is identical to intriguing and puzzling behavior of natural BL derived from numerous evidence of eyewitnesses. We have explained how BL can penetrate in rooms through window panes, why BL can move upwind, how BL can catch up a flying aircraft and penetrate into its cabin. It is not surprising that BL seems not hot although it radiates the light, the spectrum of which corresponds to the temperature of the body heated up to several thousand degrees Celsius. However, our theory has not gained a generally accepted recognition even though it is mentioned in Wikipedia. We analyze the causes and came to the conclusion that common sense layman in the field of optics protests against the existence of SCL in nature. They consider the self-confined light as an oxymoron, like dry water or hot ice. As far as experts in optics is concerned, that we need to recognize that the contemporary notions about optically induced forces that are foundation of our theory are incomplete and erroneous. In last five years we have published about ten papers in the international scientific physical journals where we presented our notion of optically induced forces. In particular, we have solved the known century-old problem of the theoretical physics about a magnitude of the momentum of light in matter. All these problems are presented in the book in a systematic form.

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