LEARN SPANISH IN YOUR CAR for beginners: The Ultimate Easy Spanish Learning Audiobook: How to Learn Spanish Language Vocabulary like crazy with over 1 (Paperback)

LEARN SPANISH IN YOUR CAR for beginners: The Ultimate Easy Spanish Learning Audiobook: How to Learn Spanish Language Vocabulary like crazy with over 1 By Sandra Gordon-Pimsleur, Alejandro Garcia Noble Cover Image
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  • Do you want to learn real Spanish with complete confidence, but your everyday life leaves you too little time?
  • Are you looking for an easy, quickest and most reliable way to learn Spanish where the whole method is backed by reliable scientific research?
  • Have you been desperately trying to learn the language but simply can't find a way to take the first steps?
  • What about learning Spanish on your own at home, in your free time or even in your car

If you answered YES to at least one of the questions above, then this guide is exactly for you.

You have made a great choice as Spanish language is one of the three most spoken languages around the world. In fact, more than 500 million people speak Spanish worldwide nowadays, being the second language, after Chinese, with more native speakers (i.e. using it as mother language). Even in the USA there are more than 40 million Spanish speakers and it will increase with years, becoming the country with most Spanish speakers, surpassing Mexico, in about 30 years.

Learning a new language is exciting and challenging at the same time. And as everything, it must be learnt from the beginning and that means start with the alphabet and pronunciation. You can't build a building if the foundations are not robust enough, right?

Then you will learn new words about several topics. And from there, you will be able to communicate properly in Spanish. Get fluence is a matter of time and, especially, of using frequently.


  • You will find extensive lists of vocabulary, and plenty of sentences and examples very useful for actual conversations. And remember: repeat again and again
  • This type of exercise will be helpful not just to memorise new words, but to understand how to build correctly sentences and to practise pronunciation.
  • The words you're going to learn, from basics as pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs and nouns, will cover a lot of topics and will be used in the most common situations.
  • You are going to learn too how to tell time and dates, and understand, therefore, departures times, trains schedules, etc. that will be a big help when travelling.
  • And, of course, vocabulary that will allow you to talk and express in informal and relaxed conversations for example about nature, animals, colours, your family, etc.
  • You will learn and practise vocabulary to feel confident when ordering food and drinks in a bar or restaurant. And not just food, you will also know several styles of cooking and will discover the different types of meals.

Although all this could seem overwhelming, this book has been created to make the journey as enjoyable and practical as possible. Keeping in mind that learning a language takes time and dedication, you can learn Spanish meanwhile you are driving or commuting or having a coffee.

So that said... it's time to start your Spanish course Buckle up and enjoy the trip

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