Lost Innocence Peter Matthews (Paperback)

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This is a story about a young boy growing up in the sixties, who is living in the shadows of abuse. He struggles to contemplate all that falls before him, as he is reminded daily of the secret that he must keep. struggling to identify who he is as he gets older, the abuse follows him into his early teens; and then into adulthood through relationships he tries to bind. As a little boy, his biggest fear and regret will be that of betraying the secret that he once was asked to keep. Not only had he betrayed that secret that he was asked to swear too, but he also felt that he betrayed his mother, for whom the betrayal was against a family member. what would later be revealed would turn out to be the makings of a monster, a preditor against children. this little boy, with the courage to betray this man, would eventually lead the police on a search that would discover the horrors that more children were involved. they were all at risk; and were solely abused by this monster. Would there ever be an end to this little boys dark shadows, where he found himself day after day? Follow him on his journeys; and discover each story as they unfold. A child should be free of judgement, for we are the adults; and it should be our job as adults to teach and protect our children. This story is not unlike most stories of abuse from the sixties, as well as stories we hear today, however, no matter what the year, we should all protect the innocence of every child.

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ISBN: 9781716065439
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Publication Date: February 17th, 2021
Pages: 408
Language: English