The Nameless Angels (Paperback)

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This is the story of Aldar, an Angel who walked away from Heaven in order to start a new life in Boston. Housed in the body of a tall, handsome young Black man, Aldar is having the time of his life. Once upon a time, Aldar didn't even have a name. He was Angelic Designate A-1985-1170, Dar-Level, part of the Earthly Realm Observation Unit, Subsection 977. In Heaven, there are two kinds of Angels, the chosen few who are Named, and the Nameless multitude. They who toil away to keep the Realms of Creation afloat. Aldar's departure sparked a rebellion, as Angels of all stripes, fed up with eons of servitude, now seek their own destinies. Michael and his Archangels have their hands full trying to maintain order. Meanwhile, Lucifer, his queen Lilith and their pal Asmodeus, Prince of Demons, roam the Earth. Aldar doesn't care what happens in Heaven or in Hell, for he's exploring new pleasures by enrolling in college and dating the gorgeous Maricela. What happens when an Angel's dreams are too big for Heaven Can the Multiverse survive as Angels rebel against the established order A Cosmic threat from outside Creation may be what's needed for Angels, Demons and Humans to put aside selfishness and band together in the name of survival...

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Publication Date: December 16th, 2021
Pages: 358
Language: English