For the Best (Paperback)

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In William's dysfunctional, evangelical Christian family, lies are an everyday part of life. If it's not the lies his family tell him, it's the lies that William tells himself and the rest of the world. Lies hiding a truth that neither William, his family, nor his religion can accept. William is gay.But in William's world, that's just not allowed. So, he does what countless others have done. He decides he'll fight being gay head on. He throws himself into his fundamentalist Christianity. He marries a wonderful woman and struggles to live the life that everyone expects him to live. Not surprisingly, there are bumps along the way.William prays for his life to work out for the best but, after years of living in the closet, comes to understand that this will never happen if he continues to hide his truth. Before he can be honest with the people he loves, William must find the courage to be honest with himself.Told with a Southerner's sense of the absurd and a humorous candor that comes from finally being free, For the Best is the story of how one man found the strength to live his life honestly and be the person he'd always been taught he was not allowed to be.

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ISBN: 9781728767185
ISBN-10: 1728767180
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2018
Pages: 334
Language: English