Gallows Point: A Jack Rackham Adventure (Paperback)

Gallows Point: A Jack Rackham Adventure By David N. Ebright Cover Image
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To save their friend they must rescue their enemy.

The notorious pirate, Calico Jack Rackham, dead for three centuries, has kidnapped Rachel, and holds her as bait to lure Jack and Kai into his trap. The boys will cross the Gulf of Mexico and hike several miles through a treacherous rainforest where they encounter a lost civilization led by Quetzalcoatl, an ancient king with mystical powers, the guardian of the Wheel of Time.

Their search will take them to Port Royal, Jamaica in the year 1720, a place ruled by a merciless governor obsessed with bringing Calico Jack and crew to justice at the hand of the sadistic executioner, a man known for his skill with the whip.

In the wicked port city, overrun with murderers, thieves and slave traders, a fourteen-year-old boy, courageous beyond his years, stands with Jack and Kai against the surrounding evils.

13 days to change the future . . . or die trying.

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ISBN: 9781732227705
ISBN-10: 1732227705
Publisher: David Ebright
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2018
Pages: 280
Language: English