The Bedtime Book (Paperback)

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Calm your kiddos and gently soothe them to sleep with this guided relaxation book from award-winning author Kayla Floyd.

"It's time to let your body rest

And slow your busy mind.

The day is done, you did your best,

Now you can unwind."

Beautifully illustrated with calming nature scenes and a cast of diverse and sleepy little heroes soaring through space, The Bedtime Book walks your child through a guided body scan while inviting peace and relaxation from head to toe. With imagination and ease, they'll feel their bodies soften and their minds slow as they drift off to sleepy land.

The Bedtime Book is especially great for kids who tend to worry at bedtime or have a hard time slowing their thoughts. Help them practice self-soothing and connecting with peace through the gentle cadence of this mindful book.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735487052
ISBN-10: 1735487058
Publisher: Kayla Floyd
Publication Date: December 1st, 2021
Pages: 34
Language: English