I Wish I Were a Unicorn: A Gender Neutral, Unicorn Heavy, Positive Self-Concept Book for Kids (Paperback)

I Wish I Were a Unicorn: A Gender Neutral, Unicorn Heavy, Positive Self-Concept Book for Kids By A. K. Neer, Natasza Remesz (Illustrator) Cover Image
By A. K. Neer, Natasza Remesz (Illustrator)
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Step into a world of wonder where a child, just like you, holds a grand and magical dream-to transform into a unicorn But is it truly possible? Uncover the enchanting secret behind their extraordinary wish and see if there's a unique kind of magic that can make it a reality. Dare to believe Can they truly become a unicorn? Discover the captivating answer within these pages Perfect for readers who enjoyed books like Julian is a Mermaid; Pink is for Boys, and How to Catch a Unicorn

Unlock the enchanting world of "I Wish I Were a Unicorn," an endearing, uncomplicated, and inclusive children's book perfect for unicorn enthusiasts of all ages. Embracing a gender-neutral approach with a nameless narrative and no gender-specific pronouns, this heartwarming story is sure to resonate with every child. With mesmerizing rhyme and brilliant illustrations, the book takes your child on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, where they'll uncover the wondrous magic that dwells within each and every one of us. Give the gift of imagination and wonder with this delightful tale

Why readers love I Wish I Were a Unicorn:

Parents, grandparents, teachers, and counselors will have fun reading this brightly illustrated inclusive, empowering book to kids. I Wish I Were a Unicorn:

  • Celebrates diversity with a gender-neutral protagonist.
  • Fosters inclusion, making all students feel accepted.
  • Encourages self-discovery and boosts confidence.
  • Challenges gender stereotypes for meaningful discussions.
  • Sparks empathy and understanding of different perspectives.
  • Promotes critical thinking about societal norms.
  • Supports social-emotional learning (SEL) principles.
  • Creates an inclusive and supportive classroom culture.

Perfect for ages 4-10. Get your copy now and head over to the author's website at harkpressbooks.com for exciting bonus content, such as Coloring Pages and Worksheets, Hardcover Books (author signed), and more Don't miss out on these valuable additions to enhance your reading experiences.

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ISBN: 9781736258811
ISBN-10: 1736258818
Publisher: Hark Press, LLC
Publication Date: May 22nd, 2021
Pages: 38
Language: English