Undying Glory: The Solar Path of Greek Heroes (Hardcover)

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Undying Glory by Tom Billinge explores a common thread running throughout the Hellenic mythos. The Solar Path is walked by Perseus, Jason, and other heroic figures of the canon - but only one reaches its end.

In this practical treatment of Greek mythology, Billinge highlights the Solar Hero archetype, advancing it as an ideal for men to aspire to. He explains in detail the symbolic meaning of relevant myths, along with valuable lessons they impart. Truly priceless however is his unparalleled analysis of the Solar Path itself.

This is an essential addition to the Heroic Solar current within European spirituality.


"This work is based in Greek mythology, but is an esoteric work intended to help men better understand their place in the world. The book aims to look at these myths and the symbolism that lies hidden in them. It tries to draw out and examine the wisdom embedded in the stories.

"In essence, whether one believes in the veracity of the myths or not, the moral guidance is more than valuable. The upward path of the hero promotes spiritual and moral growth. It is a path of striving - the path of a strenuous life that rewards the hero for his efforts. Do not be content with a shiftless life; tread the path of Undying Glory."

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ISBN: 9781736293713
ISBN-10: 1736293710
Publisher: Sanctus Europa Press
Publication Date: December 20th, 2020
Pages: 226
Language: English