A Forgotten History: Lost in the Vast Episode One (Paperback)

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When a lost history is uncovered, the door between universes will open.

After a four-month dig in Egypt, Alexis Lockett isn't ready for another adventure. But when she's lured to Mexico by the promise of the archaeological find of the century, she leaves with her brother Cole to meet up with their oldest friend Trent. Trent's discovery of an ancient Maya city buried deep in the Yucat n jungle is monumental, but it isn't long before strange and terrifying forces come into play.

Secrets, mysterious artifacts, and a world deviating from the one they left behind-how long can they remain in denial? The three friends are in over their heads, and the addition of the arrogant and infuriating Dante Losevsky brings more trouble. Thrust into the multiverse, will they ever find a way home?

Everything is different now, and this is only the beginning.

Lost in the Vast is a collection of episodic fiction, and some episodes may end on a cliffhanger.

This novella series is intended for adult readers and contains situations that some may find triggering.

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ISBN: 9781737160403
ISBN-10: 1737160404
Publisher: Rose Wolf Press
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2021
Pages: 166
Language: English