Bleeder: A Threshold Novel (Paperback)

Bleeder: A Threshold Novel By Christi J. Whitney Cover Image
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What happens when lightning strikes?

Seventeen-year-old Selene Windell doesn't remember. But ghosts of her accident haunt her - fragments of memories, deep-rooted fears, and a freakish electrical curse she can't shake.

Can one lightning strike change everything?

Phoebus, a trained soldier from the dimension of Threshold, knows something threatens his homeland. In one flash of light, a girl from the Otherside sees his face, and he has to act - not only to protect the secrecy of his world, but also to protect himself.

Selene wants answers, and the mysterious new boy in town has them. Phoebus has a duty, and the strange Othersider girl stands in his way.

But will they be able to navigate their dark pasts and unrelenting connection before sinister creatures infiltrate Threshold and destroy far more than Selene's small coastal town?

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ISBN: 9781737576907
ISBN-10: 1737576902
Publisher: Christi J. Whitney
Publication Date: January 13th, 2022
Pages: 290
Language: English