The Scarlet Petal and other stories (Paperback)

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By Ryan Petrie, Aidan Donald (Illustrator)
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Writers write because they want other people to know what they have discovered on their journeys. What they discover might be beautiful beyond compre-hension, or terrifying beyond our most terrible nightmares.

The Scarlet Petal Beauty has no choice but to go with the Beast after a card game goes horribly wrong. She will find out a terrible truth about the castle to which she has come-a secret so monstrous that those who try to tell it vanish.

The Devil's Pit Three young explorers set out into the Amazon rainforest to make names for themselves; but the world will remember the horrors of the valley they journey to, and the monster that lives there-a monster the modern world long thought dead...

A Victorian Drama Marriage is never easy, especially when there are affairs, scandal, and a night of passion at a friend's ball into the bargain. But who knew that such a lovely night would erupt into a night of horror?

Melt not in weeping while she lies sleeping A forest of thorn has long guarded a secret, and those who enter never return to tell the tale. But a young man travelling in winter might have bitten off more than he can chew when he discovers a cottage at the centre of the forest and its welcoming occupants.

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ISBN: 9781782012627
ISBN-10: 1782012621
Publisher: Evertype
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2021
Pages: 184
Language: English