My Name is Anne (Easy to Read) (Paperback)

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An easy-to-read version of The Diary of Anne Frank, targeted at children from the age of 8. 

Anne Frank was a very normal girl. She was born in Germany in 1929. A few years later, Adolf Hitler came to power. He blamed the Jews for the crisis in Germany. He wanted to kill them all. Because they were Jewish, Anne and her family had to flee. They went to The Netherlands. On May 10, 1940, Hitler invaded The Netherlands.

Two months later, Anne and her family had to go into hiding. They were in hiding for two years. Anne, her parents and her sister Margot. And four other people. During that time, Anne kept a Diary. She wrote about what happened in the Secret Annexe. That is what the hiding place was called.

In August 1944, the people were discovered and arrested. They were deported first to Westerbork camp in The Netherlands. Then to Auschwitz and to Bergen-Belsen. This is where Anne died. After the war, Anne’s dad Otto was the only one still alive. When he came back to The Netherlands, he found Anne’s Diary. He decided to publish it. This way, everybody would know about Anne. And about Jews in hiding. Otto hoped that the book would help to bring peace.

About the Author

Marian Hoefnagel is a writer of books for teenagers, especially reluctant readers. She is also a teacher at secondary and adult education levels specializing in helping struggling readers.

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ISBN: 9781783228744
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Publication Date: April 16th, 2024
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