100 Rockabilly Licks For Guitar: Master the Iconic Licks, Rhythms & Techniques of Rockabilly Guitar (Paperback)

100 Rockabilly Licks For Guitar: Master the Iconic Licks, Rhythms & Techniques of Rockabilly Guitar Cover Image
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Discover The Secrets of Rockabilly Guitar

Discover 100 Licks to Supercharge your Rockabilly Guitar Playing

Struggling to master the authentic Rockabilly guitar sound?

With its roots in early Rock 'n' Roll, Country and Rhythm & Blues, the Rockabilly revolution is still going strong... and there's no one more qualified to teach it than Rockabilly expert Darrel Higham, whose credits include Jeff Beck, Brian Setzer and Imelda May.

In this book, you'll quickly master the iconic rockabilly guitar style through 100 lead licks and essential rhythms.

Capture the Style of the Rockabilly Pioneers

Darrel Higham shares his encyclopaedic knowledge to teach you exactly how the pioneers of this music thought and played. Want to know how your favourite player created their iconic licks? Get unparalleled insight into the playing styles of the Rockabilly legends:

  • Eddie Cochran
  • Scotty Moore
  • Cliff Gallup
  • Joe Maphis
  • Grady Martin
  • Brian Setzer

Rockabilly Signature Licks

You'll begin by learning the essential vocabulary of Rockabilly and discover classic "building block" phrases to quickly build your chops, along with just enough theory to help you create your own authentic sounding lines.

Next, you'll master the essential rhythm guitar playing skills of Rockabilly so you can groove with any band.

Advanced Rockabilly Soloing Techniques

As your Rockabilly guitar skills continue to develop, the language gets more advanced as you learn intricate licks based around Rockabilly techniques like:

  • Fast hammer-on and pull-off licks
  • Banjo roll techniques for rhythm and lead guitar
  • Combining guitar techniques to build solos

Full-Length Rockabilly Solos

To round off your Rockabilly masterclass, you'll learn to play no less than 12 full-length Rockabilly soloing studies that demonstrate how to combine each technique into exciting, attention grabbing and musical solos.

It's all here, from aggressive Rock 'n' Roll to amazing Travis picked and banjo rolled performances.

Bonus 1 - Not just a "100 licks" book, 100 Rockabilly Licks for Guitar contains over a dozen full-length 12-bar blues sequences that put the licks and language into musical focus.

Bonus 2- Discover the perfect Rockabilly guitar gear in the bonus, Guitars, Amps & Effects section

Hear it

100 Licks for Rockabilly Guitar contains over 100 supporting audio examples to help you get inside the music and quickly hear exactly how each lick should be played.

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