Commentaries on Hebrew and Christian Mythology (Paperback)

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Ladd's commentaries on the mythological aspects of Judaism and Christianity are illuminated by his depth of scriptural knowledge and thorough researches.

This eclectic work examines extant writings of a variety of ancient civilizations to shed light upon the myths and stories of the Hebrews. Ladd looks into the ancient Chaldeans, the Egyptians, the Greeks and even the Hindus of the East to arrive at his conclusions. The author's desire is to uncover how Judaism and later on Christianity began, in the context of the religious and cultural events which preceded their establishment. Spending years amid volumes of disparate and obscure sources, Ladd sought to condense and combine their insights into this single book, that curious readers may discover such history with relative ease.

Individual monuments and stone tablets, plus surviving examples of writing upon papyrus, are among the original sources Ladd consults. The Bible, from the life of Moses and the Exodus from Egypt onwards, is examined at length. The author disagreed with the conventional explanations, whether regarding the life of certain figures, or the authorship and origins of various texts. Thus, much of this work seeks to validate and support the author's assertions to the farthest extent possible.

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