Omad: Intermittent Fasting Guide to Losing Fat, Increasing your Spirituality and Getting More Work Done (Paperback)

Omad: Intermittent Fasting Guide to Losing Fat, Increasing your Spirituality and Getting More Work Done By J. P. Edwin Cover Image


This is another dumb book about How to Lose Weight. - You are probably thinking that, aren't you? Yeah, there is something dumb here - it's Fat, and sh*t must definitely be done to lose it.

Introducing: A smarter guide that enables you to discover fat burning secrets and start a healthy life. One Meal A Day - Intermittent Fasting Guide to Losing Fat.

What is intermittent fasting? - It is a simple dieting protocol that alternates between periods of fasting and eating.

The book not only guides you to your perfect self, but also teaches you all the important changes that take place in your body.

But right now you might hear a scary voice, saying:

"It's so exhausting to follow restrictive calorie diets and routines, just can't keep doing that"


"You did everything by the books, but your weight still comes back again and again. It feels like torture "

Wait a minute... who said getting healthy was torture? That's insane, someone completely messed it up. A healthy life is a happy life.

That's right. Without torturing yourself, there is a way to look in the mirror and one day be able to say - "I am drop dead gorgeous". Wouldn't that be bloody fantastic?

Close your eyes and imagine today is that day. Really, look at the better version of yourself:

Less fat, less cellulite, less extra weight.

No breathing difficulties.

You are more confident and sexy.

Isn't that worth it? This dream of yours will come true. Don't give up.

No Excuses, No hesitating. Here's what this guide offers you:

  • Natural way of losing weight and improving your health without counting calories.
  • No stressful routines, just a good old fasting.
  • Different methods of intermittent fasting and their benefits.
  • Detailed description of what changes take place in your body while fasting.
  • The success stories that will inspire you to start a better life immediately.

Be stronger than your excuses. Don't doubt yourself, don't doubt your dream. Rest time is over, increase your spirituality and productivity, start a healthy life from this very moment and LET'S GET SH*T DONE

Product Details
ISBN: 9781792871504
ISBN-10: 1792871503
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 29th, 2018
Pages: 70
Language: English