5-Minute Bed Time Stories: For Kids Ages 4-8 (Paperback)

5-Minute Bed Time Stories: For Kids Ages 4-8 By Goodnight Tales Cover Image
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A story time that is both entertaining and educational for children.

Read 33 short, exciting bedtime stories that conclude with a lesson.

Prepare for a magical journey into the world of imagination with our amazing book of children's bedtime stories. This collection of stories features lovable characters and exciting plots that will capture the hearts of young readers. These stories will take your child on an exciting journey before they fall asleep, from friendly talking animals to brave children. This book is ideal for reading aloud and is sure to become a favorite part of your bedtime routine.

Stories included are:

- Lily's Garden

- Benny the Bunny

- Jack and the Dragon

- Arianne and Birbit

- Max and the Treasure

- A Brave Girl

- Glimmerfly

- Maya and the Pets

- Silvester the Cat

- Thomas' Gift

- Ghost Tale

- Miranda and the Flowers

- Lisa and the Rabbit Hole

- Samuel and the Bear

- The Beauty of Nature

- Ronnie the Monkey

- Nana the Turtle

- Frosty the Snowflake

- Alvin the Frog

- Splash the Fish

- Brenda the Butterfly

- Roger and the Magic Apple

- Emily and the Stars

- Ciro the Dog

- The Beauty of Friendship

- Jasper the Sunflower

- Amanda and the Snow

- Willy the Fox

- Luna

- Sunny and Timmy

- Mother's Love

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ISBN: 9781803621692
ISBN-10: 1803621699
Publisher: Goodnight Tales
Publication Date: March 21st, 2023
Pages: 56
Language: English