Coastal District Groundwater Quality Assessment (Paperback)

Coastal District Groundwater Quality Assessment By K. Raj Cover Image
By K. Raj
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This is an informative book written by a renowned environmental scientist and researcher. The book is an essential guide for professionals, students, and policymakers who are interested in understanding the groundwater quality assessment of coastal districts.
The book covers various aspects of groundwater quality assessment, such as water quality parameters, sources of pollution, contamination, and remediation techniques. It highlights the significance of groundwater as a vital resource, particularly in coastal regions, and emphasizes the need for regular monitoring and management to maintain its quality.
The author draws on his extensive research and practical experience to provide readers with comprehensive insights into the factors affecting groundwater quality, including industrialization, urbanization, agricultural activities, and natural phenomena such as seawater intrusion. The book also covers various analytical methods used in groundwater quality assessment, such as chemical and microbial analysis, and explains their applications.
Overall, this is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to deepen their knowledge of groundwater quality assessment in coastal regions. The author's clear and concise writing style, combined with practical examples and case studies, makes this book an engaging and informative read for all interested parties.

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