Eco-Friendly Macrame: Crafting with a Conscience (Paperback)

Eco-Friendly Macrame: Crafting with a Conscience By Zara Knots Cover Image


Mindful Knots: An Eco-Friendly Guide to Natural Macram

Tap into the grounding mindfulness of this traditional fiber art while embracing an eco-conscious lifestyle. Mindful Knots is a beautifully illustrated guide to creating stunning macram pieces using sustainable, natural materials.

Begin by exploring a variety of eco-friendly fibers like organic cotton, jute, hemp and even recycled materials like upcycled t-shirt yarn. You'll also discover inspirational ways to mindfully forage for embellishments found in nature.

Develop a strong foundation with comprehensive tutorials on essential macram knots - from basics like the lark's head to intermediate stitches like the spiral knot and vertical clove hitch. Master techniques for clean finishing, trimming, and securing your knotted artwork.

When you're ready to get knotting, dive into an array of beginner-friendly patterns using sustainable materials. Create breathtaking jute wall hangings, recycled plant hangers, and more designs that integrate natural elements like driftwood, dried flowers, and feathers.

As your skills progress, explore advanced eco-macram projects combining your fiber art with complementary media like wood, clay, or ethically-sourced metals. Designer examples will inspire you to craft statement jewelry pieces, creative lighting, and chic home decor that brings the outdoors in.

Throughout this guide, you'll find tips for reducing material waste, reusing scraps, and sourcing ethical supplies. Mindful Knots nurtures your crafting passion while helping you embrace sustainability. Let the zen of working with your hands connect you to the natural world in new, creative ways.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781806352654
ISBN-10: 1806352656
Publisher: Zara Knots
Publication Date: April 4th, 2024
Pages: 120
Language: English