Where are we going? (Large Print / Paperback)

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By Vie Portland, Donna McGhie (Illustrator)
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On the surface, 'Where are we going?' is a book is about imagination. There is more beyond that, though.

In fiction generally, but especially in children's fiction, in the very small percentage of books that have a child with a disability as a main character, the story is, nearly always, about their disability. This can be a contributing factor to how many of us still see people with disabilities as "other"; if the stories are about their disability, we often miss who they are first: a person. This book is designed to be a stepping stone to helping children see that people with disabilities can, and do, live rich and wonderful lives, in reality and in their imaginations. The hope is that this book plays a small part of encouraging everyone to accept others, not just because of their differences, but more because we have more in common than that which makes us different.

As we become older, our imaginations are often left behind; we feel we have to focus on the reality, rather than the adventures and excitements in our heads and hearts. This book demonstrates that just a sentence or two can awaken dreams and bring us smiles, colour, and hope to get us through the grey days. It gives every reader, child and adult alike, the courage to imagine everything their heart desires, and the courage to act on their dreams.

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ISBN: 9781838427405
ISBN-10: 1838427406
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Vieness Discover You Love You CIC
Publication Date: March 28th, 2021
Pages: 40
Language: English