Man vs Machine: The Future Begins Now... (Paperback)

Man vs Machine: The Future Begins Now... By Rosie Cammish Cover Image
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'As we walk through the Olympic Park I am filled with anxiety, the knowing feeling of butterfliesswirling around inside me is impossible to shake, along with the nagging feeling that I don't belong here, among these muscle-ridden athletes. They must think that I have been entered as a joke; that the Government is having a laugh at my expense, but they would be wrong. Despite all the odds against me, I am here and competing in the Olympic Games.'

Rosie Cammish's debut novel is an almost prescient vision of our potential future. A world where machines and man co-exist together. A world where they compete together and against each other.

A world where there can be only one winner...

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ISBN: 9781906954642
ISBN-10: 190695464X
Publisher: Britain's Next Bestseller
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2021
Pages: 304
Language: English