Qanon: How the Deep State Control Your Mind. The Battle Against Conspiracy Theory. The New World Order; Illuminati Hijacked T (Paperback)

Qanon: How the Deep State Control Your Mind. The Battle Against Conspiracy Theory. The New World Order; Illuminati Hijacked T By Will Tracey Cover Image
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Have you heard about Qanon on television or in the news recently and been curious about what it is? Are you wondering what's behind this strange theory and want to know more about it? If so, then keep reading... This book is for you

Within this book, we are going to address the truth. And that truth can be difficult for many people to stomach. If you are someone who has always sat idly and believed everything that you read online, then you are probably precisely who should be targeted in this book. When you read through this book, you will be learning about Qanon from the perspective of believers for potential believers. As you read through this book, you will learn all about what you need.

In particular, as you read, you will be guided through how to understand Q, the posts that Q makes, and why people follow this theory. You will learn about what makes it so incredibly compelling for all of those who choose to follow it, and that is greatly beneficial to you. You will learn exactly why this movement is sweeping across the world, even with people trying left and right to prevent it from gaining traction.

Q wants you to be informed. He wants you to know what is happening in the world around you, and he wants you to see through the blatant lies that mainstream media is trying to force-feed you.

If you're ready to learn the truth, then this book is for you and it's time for you to get started Within these pages, you will get truths such as:

The meaning of the phrase "Where We Go One, We Go All" and why it matters

Where Q resides and what he posts

The most common Qanon themes that you will need to understand

What the New World Order is and why you need to care

Information about how close President Trump is to Q and why people believe that they are working together

Who is playing in the Qanon game and what the roles they play are

How to begin to understand Q and how he posts, including learning about tripcodes, deltas, and some explanations of the most common phrases he uses

How Q communicates and some of the biggest, most compelling drops of information that Q has made

How to understand why Q is insistent that Obama was a shadow president and how they are trying to get control again

What the goal of Q is and how to get to it

How far Q has reached around the world

What the mainstream media is doing to combat Q


If you are ready to start understanding it all from the top to the bottom to better recognize what it is that you will need to understand, then what are you waiting for?

Scroll up and click on BUY NOW to begin learning all about Q, Q's theories, and why they matter. The sooner you can take off your blinders and see the world, the better.

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