Where Your Treasure Is: 7 Christian Plays For Youth (Paperback)

Where Your Treasure Is: 7 Christian Plays For Youth By Amy L. Laurens Cover Image
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In a series of plays written for a teen audience, "Where Your Treasure Is" explores a variety of Christian concepts, from the real meaning of trust, freedom and forgiveness, to the importance of exercising the gifts we have been given. Plays range from 8 to 70 minutes and usually require 6 or 8 actors.

Drive (a 70-minute play for 8 actors): Two apparently unrelated teens learn what it means to both trust and be trusted.

Where Your Treasure Is (a 40-minute play for 6 actors): Pirates set off in search of the King's treasure and discover the real meaning of forgiveness.

The 5000 (an 8-minute play for 6 actors): Three different perspectives on the feeding of the five thousand.

Gifts (a 10-minute play for 6 actors): A group of teens compare the gifts they received from Christmas - physical and spiritual.

Turning Point (a 30-minute play for 8 actors): The story of King Manasseh demonstrates the importance of repentance.

In Search of Freedom (a 25-minute play for 8 actors): A group of teens left behind after the Exodus discover the real meaning of freedom.

The Journey (a 20-minute play for 9 actors): The Israelites' journey across the desert to the Promised Land is hard, but God is always there.

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