Ending the War in Iraq (Paperback)

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Tom Hayden brings a lifetime of experience to the challenge of ending the Iraq War—and preventing future wars.

“Antiwar forces are profoundly indebted to Tom Hayden’s sharp, practical, strategic thinking, his vast historical knowledge, and his bottomless commitment to peace. The discredited pro-war voices have had their day as ‘experts’; it’s time to listen to Tom.” —Naomi Klein, author of No Logo

As a leading antiwar figure in the 1960s, Hayden wrote extensively on Vietnam and was one of the small number of Americans engaged in dialogue with both sides during the Paris peace talks. As an Irish-American, he spent ten years supporting and writing about the peace process leading up the Good Friday Agreement. As a California legislator, he devoted himself to writing about and trying to prevent inner-city violence. Hayden remains a stalwart antiwar activist and is credited with initiating 2005 Congressional exit-strategy hearings on Iraq. This urgent book comes from a patient understanding of the nature of conflict resolution.

Hayden argues that the Iraq War will end by applying public pressure against the pillars of the Bush Administration’s foreign policy. A new kind of antiwar movement, delineated in this groundbreaking work, can help turn the tide of public opinion against the current conflict. For the first time in American history, he writes, an American majority voted against a war in progress in November 2006. This is a book for millions of peace activists, for an undecided public, and for the 2008 presidential candidates as well.

About the Author

TOM HAYDEN (1939–2016) was a founding member of the Students for a Democratic Society and author of its visionary call, the Port Huron Statement, described by Howard Zinn as “one of those historic documents which represents an era.” He was also one of the famous “Chicago Eight” protesters during the 1968 Democratic Convention. He was elected to the California State Assembly in 1982, and to the State Senate ten years later, serving eighteen years in all. He is the author of Ending the War in Iraq.

Praise For…

As one of the early leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Tom Hayden struggled to bring about equal rights for African Americans and later, to end the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War . . . Hayden stands for the voice of the people being heard, as it must in these difficult times
— Congresswoman Barbara Lee

It is impossible not to be awestruck by how Tom Hayden has been able to focus in such depth and with such immense intelligence on so many complex issues. He brings strategic direction to the supreme challenge of ending this country’s brutal, immoral occupation of Iraq and surrendering the arrogance and lust for domination that underlies US militarism.
— Reverend Dr. George F. Regas

Tom Hayden’s incisive book not only offers a well-informed and humane plan to end this disastrous war, but it is an invaluable testament as to why working for peace is in America’s best interest as a democratic republic. For those seeking to understand the importance of postwar ‘lesson’—read this book.
— Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher, The Nation

Tom Hayden’s life and work inspired an entire generation to rebel against an ossified body politic and a time-frozen culture. My generation owes a great debt to the intellectual courage and moral leadership provided by Hayden’s example. Now an entirely new generation has the opportunity to learn from his wisdom.
— Marc Cooper, author of Pinochet and Me

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