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The poems of Anthony McCann are beautiful, brutal, and unerring. They present us with, or return us to, a complicated, violent, poignant, weird, and mysterious world--a world which is very particularly his, and also our own, re-sung. For some time now I have believed McCann to be one of the finest poets writing today, and as I Heart Your Fate makes clear, he is only getting better.--Maggie Nelson, author of Bluets and The Art of Cruelty

In his third collection of poetry, Anthony McCann fuses the worlds of dream, art, love, and brute humanity, taking the redemptive power of the romantic to new and surprising extremes. I don't have a body to feel afraid, writes McCann, and these poems, bald and imaginative, almost convince the reader it must be so, save for the fact that they are so vitally, essentially human.

From Of the Mockingbird:

So that once again, beloved readers,
I find that I have died. I die
each time inside my body
each time I eat your food--
O World
(By which I always mean THE LIGHT)

Or let's just say
there's a forehead
between my body and the light
and it deactivates the World

Anthony McCann was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. His previous books include Moongarden and Father of Noise. He lives in Los Angeles, where he teaches in the School of Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts and works with Machine Project.

About the Author

Anthony McCann was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. He is the author of I Heart Your Fate (Wave Books, 2011), Moongarden (Wave Books, 2006), and Father of Noise (Fence Books, 2003). In addition to these two collections, he is one of the authors of Gentle Reader! (2007), a book of erasures of the English Romantics, along with Joshua Beckman and Matthew Rohrer. He has taught English as a Second Language in the former Czechoslovakia, South Korea and Nicaragua, as well as in New York City. Currently he lives in Los Angeles, where he works with Machine Project and teaches in the School of Critical Studies at the California Institute of the Arts.

Praise For…

"...not even your own mother would believe your description of it. Sucked under, friend, into the unforgiving brine." Jeremy Schmall, The Best American Poetry Blog

"Throughout this playful, heartfelt and enriching collection, McCann demonstrates that the truth surrounds us all; our best way of connecting with it is through compassion and love." Nate Pritts, Boston Review

"To find yourself in the middle of an Anthony McCann poem is to be surrounded by a rich, descriptive elegance...What appears simple becomes infinitely dynamic and fractured." Nick Sturm, H_ngm_n

"Though at times what’s seen is threatening or ominous, these poems are ultimately celebratory, and the world is one in which it’s nice to be held while watching the waves.” Jennifer Moore, Another Chicago Magazine

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