Hey, That's MY Monster! (I Need My Monster) (Hardcover)

Hey, That's MY Monster! (I Need My Monster) By Amanda Noll, Howard McWilliam (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Amanda Noll, Howard McWilliam (Illustrator)
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2017 Literary Classics Book Awards, Silver, Preschool/Early Reader Fantasy

2017 Literary Classics Book Awards

2017 PNBA Long-List

When Ethan looks under the bed for his monster, he finds this note instead: “So long, kid. Gotta go. Someone needs me more than you do. –Gabe” How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster’s familiar, comforting snorts? And who could need Gabe more than Ethan does? Gabe must have gone to Ethan’s little sister’s room! She has been climbing out of bed every night to play, and obviously needs a monster to help her get to sleep – but not HIS monster! Ethan tries to help his sister find her own monster, but none are the perfect blend of cute and creepy. Just when it seems that Ethan will lose his monster forever, an uninvited, tutu-toting little monster full of frightening fun ap­pears. Following in the spooky-silly tradition of I Need My Mon­ster, here’s another irresistible monster-under-the-bed story with the perfect balance of giggles and shivers.

About the Author

Amanda Noll teaches Library and Tech in kindergarten through fifth grade, and is the author of the award-winning I Need My Monster. She lives in Spanaway, Washington. Howard McWilliam has illustrated dozens of children’s books including the award-winning I Need My Monster, When a Dragon Moves In, and When a Dragon Moves In Again. He is the cover artist of The Week (US and UK) and MoneyWeek. He lives in Cheltenham, England. 

Praise For…

"This story is a unique twist on the whole idea of monsters under the bed . . . . Hey, That's my Monster! is sure to bring 'giggles and shivers' to young ones and help make bed time a fun time." -Christa McGrath, edwardsbookclub.com

"The . . . monsters in McWilliam's toy-strewn bedroom scenes are show stealers, whether exuding pools of pink slime or rearing up in glowering, warty menace in vain efforts to get Emma into bed." —Kirkus Reviews

"[It] is a wonderfully creative and entirely fun book that children and adults will love to read. Illustrations by Howard McWilliam are an absolute treasure and further enhance this whimsical children's picture book." —clcreviews.blogspot.com

"With author Amanda Noll's charmingly crafted and original story wonderfully supported by the truly impressive artwork of Howard McWilliam, Hey, That's MY Monster! is an irresistible monster-under-the-bed story with the perfect balance of giggles and shivers." —Children's Bookwatch

"Charmingly crafted and original story wonderfully supported by . . . truly impressive artwork . . . . Unreservedly recommended for children ages 5 to 7, Hey, That's MY Monster! will prove to be an enduringly popular addition for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections.” —Midwest Book Review

"Emma is cut from the same cloth as Boo from Monsters Inc.—she’s tickled, not terrified, by the visiting monsters—and McWilliam’s cinematic artwork embraces the comedy of the situation as Emma puts bracelets on the snakelike tail of one monster and jumps rope with the tentacles of another." —Publishers Weekly

"Hey, That’s My Monster!, from Amanda Noll, is a quirky bedtime story with plenty of good humor, thrills, and sibling exasperation. Bold and colorful, the illustrations by Howard McWilliam are reminiscent of Monsters, Inc., with their large, expressive eyes, gleeful movement, and hideously charming monsters." —Pallas Gates McCorquodale, Foreword Reviews

"Delightful pencil and digital illustrations are the highlight of this sequel to I Need My Monster." —Teresa Bateman, pscreviews.org

"This is a charming tale children will love. The bright, vivid illustrations bring a movie like quality to the pages and really bring the text to life. Young readers and adults alike will be looking for the next monster in this unique collection." —Lisette Baez, Children's Literature

"There's just the right amount of shiver to hook five year olds right in. We read it fifty seven many times, with 'Again!' following every reading. I am always interested when books strike just the right note with the Littles and this one does." —Kathleen Wright, kidpeopleclassroom.com

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ISBN: 9781936261376
ISBN-10: 1936261375
Publisher: Flashlight Press
Publication Date: September 1st, 2016
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: I Need My Monster