Charming Villas by the Sea: Make-a-Masterpiece Adult Grayscale Coloring Book with Color Guides (Paperback)

Charming Villas by the Sea: Make-a-Masterpiece Adult Grayscale Coloring Book with Color Guides Cover Image
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Make-a-Masterpiece Enjoy coloring grayscale images of lovely villas, ocean waters, overflowing flower pots, colorful courtyards and cobblestone paths in the impressionist style. These pages are optimized to be colored with markers to create your own wall-worthy art. Use accents of colored pencils on top for additional beautiful dimension.

This is "grayscale" coloring. Grayscale coloring is a popular new craze that essentially means you will be coloring over a black-and-white photograph. The magic of grayscale coloring is that the shading is already done Even beginners with no knowledge of shading can achieve beautiful results that have depth and dimension. The coloring pages in this book have been created from paintings. To color them, simply follow the brush strokes and color over the shades of gray for a unique experience that results in your own masterpiece that looks like a painting. A Color Guide is provided to help you along the way. Layer on the color until you reach the look you like Many helpful tips are provided to help you achieve success.

In this unique coloring book, 30 impressionist paintings are printed in color across from a grayscale version of the same image to be hand colored. Color along with the Color Guide for the ultimate in relaxing coloring Imitate the Color Guide to make your own stunning reproduction. Or use the Color Guide for inspiration...and innovate to develop a fresh color palette. The grayscale shading will show through your transparent pigments for beautiful results.


  • 30 single-sided grayscale images to color
  • 30 full-size Color Guides showing each image's original colors
  • 2 small Test Images for each coloring page to try out your colors before you apply them to your art
  • 2 pages of Tips & Techniques including the Make-a-Masterpiece method and recommended supplies
  • Professionally optimized grayscale calibrated by photo-industry experts
  • Printed on 70 lb. medium weight acid-free paper
  • Fun & rewarding for all skill levels
  • 126 pages

From the Color Guides and Test Images to the instructional advice and premium paper, this thoughtfully-planned book is much more than a typical coloring book. It is designed to ensure your success in creating beautiful pieces of art that will make you proud.

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ISBN: 9781937564766
ISBN-10: 1937564762
Publisher: Lindaloo Enterprises
Publication Date: October 1st, 2016
Pages: 128
Language: English