Sonata in K (Paperback)

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Fiction. California Interest. Asian & Asian American Studies. Who is Kafka-san? Is he a digitally remastered hologram of the famous writer? Or a golem engineered from a finger-bone excavated from a grave in Prague? Or just your garden-variety flesh-and-blood clone? No one is quite sure, least of all K, a Nisei woman hired to be Kafka-san's interpreter and chauffeur through millennial Los Angeles. In resplendent, incandescent prose, Karen An-hwei Lee fashions this short, strange trip out of a mind meld between the Czech fabulist of bureaucracies and a sun-hammered late-empire sprawl. Mary Caponegro says that the verbal and the sensual are fused under Lee's] supple pen, and you will marvel at her capacity to animate words, releasing them from habit and predictability into buoyancy. And Norman Lock states that Lee has written a Waste Land for our time, whose symbolic epicenter is Los Angeles; her novella is, at once, a present dystopia and an uncanny invocation of Kafka, serving time in a penal colony where consumption and its proliferating glossaries have gone mad.

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ISBN: 9781940400082
ISBN-10: 1940400082
Publisher: Ellipsis Press
Publication Date: February 13th, 2017
Pages: 143
Language: English