SKH, From Black Psychology to the Science of Being (Paperback)

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A pioneer in his field and founding member of the Association of Black Psychologists, Dr. Wade Nobles's life's work has been no less than a formal engagement in the ongoing theoretical development and programmatic application of African (Black) psychology, African-centered thought, and cultural grounding to address the liberation and restoration of the African mind and worldwide development of African people. In his new book Skh: From Black Psychology to the Science of Being, Dr. Nobles will revolutionize how we internalize and operationalize psychological processes and reframe how we think of psychology. Through his intellectual journey, Nobles discusses the advent of the discipline of Black psychology and details its evolution to the science of being. With a brief critique of the inadequacy of the Western grand narrative, the "big ideas" essential to exploring the fundamental and necessary epistemic correction will include an explication of African (Bantu) thought and worldview. Nobles will detail the need to "return to the source" and explore Bantu episteme as grounding.

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ISBN: 9781942774891
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Publication Date: July 3rd, 2023
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